Andrew Lamb

ARTFORMS: Jewellery , Crafts



As an undergraduate at the Edinburgh College of Art, Andrew Lamb, was considered to be one of the finest young metalworkers/jewellers of his generation.  By the time he went on to do a Masters at London's Royal College of Art, Andrew had won several prestigious UK and international awards for his work, including the World Crafts Council Europe Award for Contemporary Crafts in Munich.

Andrew writes that the award came at just the right time for him creatively.  He had been spending a lot of time mastering new techniques, but was cautious about the cost of the materials he was using.

Receiving the award meant that "I could take the plunge and put to the test my discoveries using white, yellow and red gold, and silver. The results meant I could successfully go on to produce an exciting final body of work which would subsequently lead me to the next level in my career." 

Andrew went on to win a number of major prizes for his final year show. He was also given the very prestigious commission by De Beers to design a piece to be presented by the Queen to John Oxx, trainer of Azamour, the winning horse in the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Diamond Stakes.

How the Dewar Awards Helped

The Dewar Arts Award supported Andrew in the second year of his Master’s degree.

After the Award

Andrew writes that he is "so pleased and extremely grateful to have been given such a prestigious Award. It goes without saying that the Dewar Arts Award has been massively beneficial and supportive to me at that particular stage in my career." For more information about Andrew's work, see

Three Minute Portrait of Andrew Lamb

The experiences I have had meant that having graduated I was in a great position and gave me the confidence to set up on my own