Anthony Schrag

ARTFORMS: Performing Arts , Visual Arts , Drama




Anthony's down-to-earth approach enables him to engage and enthuse many people who would not normally describe themselves as fans of either 'performance' or 'contemporary' art. His work and the way he works is all about valuing the human spirit and enhancing the quality of life.

Anthony was born in Zimbabwe and moved around the world with his family during his early years, eventually settling in Canada. He came to Scotland to take up a place on the Master of Fine Art course at the Glasgow School of Art.

Anthony works with big emotional concepts in ways that are able to engage and interest the ordinary guy in the street, and indeed he has engaged people from all walks of life in his work.  He is the antithesis of the 'ivory tower' artist in desiring to reach as wide an audience as possible with his work.

Writing about live art practitioners, Anthony says that one of the difficulties an artist faces is "time to develop, time to experiment, and a space in which to try, to succeed and, importantly, to fail - for it is through our mistakes that we grow." 

The award helped Anthony to safely explore the edges of his current practice and to expand them.

How the Award Helped

Anthony received a Dewar Arts Award to enable him to take part in a number of prestigious international exhibitions. Because his work is performative and live, Anthony has to be present in order to exhibit. His Award enabled him to accept these invitations.

Since the Award

Subsequently Anthony was invited to do two separate residencies in Iceland, thanks in part to the recognition of the Dewar Award.

I received an acceptance letter from the Dewar Arts Awards... and am not sure if I've stopped jumping for joy yet!!