Craig MacDonald

ARTFORMS: Music , Horn


Hailing from Moray, Craig was nominated for an Award after he had been accepted to study music at RSAMD in Glasgow. He had been playing on an instrument that had seen better days, yet he had gained a place in the National Youth Orchestra, an exceptional achievement for a brass player who was still at school.

Considered by his tutor to be the most talented brass player to have come out of Moray, Craig won the Senior Solo Instrumental Recital class at the 2004 Moray Music Festival and was awarded an 'Outstanding Certificate', which is the highest accolade.

Now in his second year at RSAMD, Craig is principal of the National Youth Orchestra of Scotland.

How the Award Helped

Craig received a Daughter of Dewar Award to buy a professional standard French horn.

Since the Award

Craig writes that since buying a new horn 'my career as a musician has taken off' and attributes all his achievements to the new French horn.

Craig joined the successful brass quintet Alba Brass, which became the ensemble in residence for the 'Young Composer of Dyfed' competition in Wales. Later the quintet was invited to accompany the First Minister of Scotland to San Francisco to promote Scottish culture.

Craig also joined the newly-formed brass dectet, Phase X, composed of professional and college players, and became part of the wind quintet, Quintet Zambra. Zambra was runner up in the Governors Chamber Competition and winner of the Mary D Adams award for chamber music. The quintet performed the world premiere of John Maxwell Geddes's wind quintet 'Quango'.

Craig has played with a number of orchestras, which remains his final ambition, and writes that  having a new French horn has "really transformed my career and has given me the confidence to pursue my dreams."


The horn I bought from [the award] was paramount to the success I had last year and I firmly believe it will lead me through a successful professional career.