Fraser Campbell

ARTFORMS: Music , Saxophone


Perth-born Fraser started to play saxophone at the relatively late age of 14. His natural-born talent soon got him noticed and he gained a coveted place in Tommy Smith's Youth Jazz Orchestra and in the National Youth Orchestra of Scotland.

Fraser is the second Dewar Arts Award recipient to go to Berklee. According to Tommy Smith, Fraser was light years ahead of players his age before he went to Berklee College of Music. Since he's been there, Fraser has continued to impress, making the Dean's list (an American college honour for scoring consistently top marks across the board) in consecutive semesters.

Fraser wanted to study at Berklee because he believed that was where he would best develop musically as a jazz composer and performer. After his first year there, Tommy Smith said that he "definitely has all the tools at his disposal to become a truly great musician and ambassador for Scotland. Through his ever growing talents … I can see him go far."

How the Award Helped

Fraser received a Dewar Arts Award to support his studies at Berklee College of Music, Boston.

Since the Award

Fraser graduated from Berklee with a dual major degree in Performance and Jazz Composition summa cum laude.  He also won the Quincy Jones Award, for excellence in Harmony and Performance.  At his graduation ceremony Fraser played one of his compositions.  Currently Fraser is getting himself established in the Scottish jazz scene.

I really feel like I'm getting the best out of Berklee at the moment and am sure that it can only get better! I'd like to thank the trustees for helping me to experience this great opportunity