Fraser Gordon

ARTFORMS: Music , Bassoon


Born and brought up in Edinburgh, Fraser is, according to all who have taught him, a natural musician with the innate musicality and talent to become a professional musician.

Currently studying bassoon at the RSAMD in Glasgow, Fraser is expected to progress onto a successful career in chamber and orchestral music. However, the other side of the coin to musical talent is having an instrument to match.

Like many Daughter of Dewar recipients, Fraser had outgrown his student model of bassoon. It was all the more remarkable that he continued to produce a "beautiful and well-projected sound" from an instrument that had seen far better days.

As Fraser said himself, his old bassoon had been "useful for me to achieve the standard I have reached, but it no longer will be able to cater for my musical and technical needs if I am to fulfil my ambitions."

How the Award Helped

Fraser received a Daughter of Dewar Award towards a new high-quality bassoon. In 2007, Fraser received a second award to buy a contrabassoon

Since the Award

After graduating from RSAMD with a first class honours and later with a postgraduate diploma in performance with distinction, and carrying off the Peter Morrison prize for overall excellence, Fraser was invited to join the 'Emergent Leader' Programme at RSAMD, newly-established by principal, John Wallace. During his time on the programme, he established a senior wind ensemble, called the RSAMD Stevenson Winds, to perform chamber works at the highest level outside the Academy.

In 2011, Fraser was appointed to the position of Principal Contrabassoon with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

I was delighted… this will enable me to purchase the instrument of my ultimate choice, which makes me especially excited