Fraser Stone

ARTFORMS: Percussion , Music


If the gigs ever dry up, Fraser could develop a lucrative sideline in musical instrument making. Preparing to go on tour with Scottish Folk Band ‘Old Blind Dogs’, he stunned the band by arriving at the airport with a handmade Djembe drum he had designed and made for the trip.

From Grantown on Spey, Fraser started playing drums on a plastic drumkit when he was six. By the age of twelve he was regularly performing with bands.

By seventeen, he had developed into a gifted and well-respected musician, playing on a number of albums, being principal percussionist at a performance of Scottish Music in the Millennium Dome, London, and acting as musical director of a number of Highland festivals.

In 2006, Fraser and fellow percussionist, Paul Jennings, were commissioned to compose a New Voices piece to be performed at Celtic Connections. For this project, Fraser desperately needed a new marimba.

He wrote at the time, "I see this year as being one of great musical growth. I'm looking to branch out and experiment with new sounds in different genres to fulfil my potential."

How the Award Helped

Fraser received a Daughter of Dewar Award to buy a performance-standard marimba.

Since the Award

Of the New Voices piece, Fraser writes that the project 'gave me a chance to compose technical pieces for an eight piece band. It was a huge learning curve and I grew so much from this experience.' He adds that the Dewar Awards 'are a fantastic way to celebrate the Scottish talent out there and help promote our culture worldwide. Without these awards many musicians would not be able to fulfill their dreams and potential.'
We couldn't agree more, Fraser!

Most of us can only dream of doing a job we love, but end up living a hum-drum nine-to-five existence