Joseph Armstrong

ARTFORMS: Music , Pipes


Despite being only 12, Joseph had already achieved major goals in uilleann pipe playing when he was nominated for an Award.

Joseph, from Glasgow, showed rare and exceptional talent in pipe playing and in 2003 became both the under 12 Scottish and under 12 British Champion. In 2004 he retained his Scottish title.

Joseph's tutor, also a well-known uilleann pipe player, writes of him that "there is the potential for him to join such world class players as Liam O'Flynn or even the late great Seamus Ennis."

How the Award Helped

The Dewar Arts Award enabled Joseph to have a set of uilleann pipes made for him.

Since the Award

Since taking possession of the new set of pipes, Joseph has continued his winning streak, in 2006 coming first and second in two competitions at the All Britain piping Championships. In 2008 he finally achieved his goal of becoming the Under 18 All Britain Champion. Congratulations, Jo.

He writes, "If I had not been successful in getting a Dewar Arts Award, I would not have been able to continue playing the pipes as the old set that I had were falling apart. I was losing interest. Getting the new set gave me so much encouragement, knowing that someone else had faith in my talent. It has meant so much to me."

My new pipes are amazing... I really enjoy playing [them] and cannot thank everyone at Dewar Arts Awards enough