Nuño de Araujo Pereira

ARTFORMS: Vocals , Opera , Music


Nuño is one of two Portuguese opera singers who have benefited from the Dewar Arts Awards, the other being Carla Caramujo.

While Nuño was studying mathematics and music at Coimbra University in Portugal his singing teachers began to encourage him to consider seriously a career in opera. Subsequently, his teachers at the Opera School at the RSAMD, Glasgow consider his voice - which is a strong baritone with a naturally attractive darkish timbre to it - to be a good Verdi baritone in the making.

A tall man with a big voice and a big stage presence to match, Nuño has already impressed as someone with a healthy ambition, keen to improve and not afraid to work hard.

Nuño has had to struggle financially throughout his vocal studies.  The support from the Dewar Arts Awards enabled him to continue studying at Glasgow at the point when he almost had to give up.  He writes, "I have a big ambition to succeed in Opera. I have worked hard for the last three years in Scotland and now have the wonderful opportunity to develop even more."

Nuño has completed his studies in Glasgow and is in Germany working with a teacher who trained, amongst other top tenors, José Carreras.

How the Award Helped

Nuño received an award to help fund his postgraduate studies in opera at RSAMD, Glasgow.

Since the Award

Nuño successfully completed his studies in Glasgow and moved to Germany to work with a teacher who trained, amongst other top tenors, José Carreras.

Opera is what I really love and enjoy doing and I am willing to go and work wherever I can to succeed. Without your generous support, I would never have had any of this.