Lauren MacColl

Lauren MacColl Music, Violin

In the words of one of the leading teachers of Scottish Traditional Music, Lauren is "quite simply the best I have ever seen".

Adam Clifford

Adam Clifford Music, Percussion

As well as being an accomplished orchestral percussionist already, Adam’s real passion is for solo percussion. Considered to be a gifted and original musician, Adam has the potential to reach the top of his field.

Amelie Addison

Amelie Addison Music, Cello

Amelie has a strong and clear desire to communicate through her music.

Arlene Macfarlane

Arlene Macfarlane Music, Trombone

Head of brass at the RSAMD, Glasgow says that Arlene is “quite simply one of the very best brass players” to have studied at the RSAMD.

Barbara Misiewicz

Barbara Misiewicz Music, Cello

Barbara began studying cello with Russian cellist Oleg Studnicki when she was seven. From the start she impressed as a young musician of enormous talent and potential.

Bethan Newman

Bethan Newman Music, Violin

Bethan's teacher is delighted with the way she is developing an individual way of expressing her innate musicality on the viola.

Christina Lawrie

Christina Lawrie Music, Piano

Hailed as a Rising Star by the magazine International Piano, Christina Lawrie performs regularly as a soloist and chamber musician.

Claire Wheeldon

Claire Wheeldon Visual Arts, Photography

Claire, from Broomhill in Glasgow, was the youngest artist commissioned to create artwork for the Scottish Parliament, producing a stunning series of photographs entitled Inclusion.

Connor Oldroyd

Connor Oldroyd Music, Bassoon

As well as being technically advanced, Connor has impressed his teacher with his extreme musicality and musical maturity and sensitivity, which is unusual in someone of his young age.

Connor Sinclair

Connor Sinclair Music, Pipes

From Crieff, Perthshire, Connor is the youngest winner of a Dewar Arts Awards. He is passionate about piping.

David Blyth

David Blyth Visual Arts

David is considered to be one of the most original, inventive and thought-provoking young artists working in Scotland today.

David Fennessey

David Fennessey Music, Composition

Already David's music has been performed in Ireland, Europe, Australia, South America and the US to critical acclaim.

Diana Simpson

Diana Simpson Music, Composition

Diana Simpson is one of the very few electroacoustic composers supported by an award. Her work has been performed internationally and she has been recognised in a number of prestigious competitions.

Eilidh Martin

Eilidh Martin Music, Cello

Eilidh's tutor Steven Doane writes, “Eilidh is one of the most intensely musical young people it has ever been my pleasure to teach. I believe she is one of Scotland’s finest young artists, and will bring great credit to her country.”

Elysia Leech

Elysia Leech Music, Opera, Singing

Elysia's tutor considers her to be a singer of major potential who combines a mezzo-soprano voice of rare quality with an innate musicality and sense of drama.

Emma Durkan

Emma Durkan Music, Violin

Emma started playing Scottish fiddle in primary 6 and quickly showed natural musical ability and great potential.

Erica Eyres

Erica Eyres Visual Arts, Film

A senior teacher at the Glasgow School of Art describes Erica as "without doubt one of the best artists I have ever encountered in over twenty years of teaching".

Gillian Horn

Gillian Horn Music, Bassoon

Gillian started playing bassoon three years ago when she was 10. From the start she impressed as a natural.

Graeme Brown

Graeme Brown Music, Bassoon

Rapidly becoming a bassoonist of note, Graeme recently performed a concerto for bassoon and trumpet, with John Wallace, principal of RSAMD, on trumpet.

Hamish Napier

Hamish Napier Music, Flute

Hamish, from Grantown on Spey, started studying piano and flute at the age of 10. He grew up in a family steeped in the traditions of Scottish music.

Hazel Turnbull

Hazel Turnbull Music, Pipes

Successful piper, Hazel, has been a member of the top-class Boghall and Bathgate Caledonia Juvenile Pipe Band for over four years.

Helen Armes

Helen Armes Drama, Acting

Since the age of 11, Helen has appeared regularly with the Lyceum Youth Theatre and had leading roles in two children’s BBC Scotland TV serials.

Holly Lawson

Holly Lawson Music, Violin

Everyone who hears Holly Lawson sing agrees that they are listening to someone with an extra-special talent.

James Mackenzie

James Mackenzie Music, Piper

No stranger to winning piping competitions, James is the current and last year’s Scottish Junior Piping Champion.

Jamie Tetsill

Jamie Tetsill Crafts, Fashion Design, Textiles

As an undergraduate, Jamie impressed with his outstanding creativity and ability to challenge orthodox approaches to textile design with flair and panache.

Jennifer McVey

Jennifer McVey Drama, Acting

Jennifer McVey, whose Glasgow roots go back generations, has been involved in the arts and theatre from a very young age.

Jonathan Carr

Jonathan Carr Music, Violin

Jonathan, from Wishaw, is considered to be an outstanding and unique talent in Scotland with a voice, musicality and performance abilities that are described as ‘breathtaking’.

Karen Cargill

Karen Cargill Music, Opera, Singing

Karen has become established as a top British mezzo-soprano and is one of the most distinguished young Scottish artists of recent years.

Kathleen Boyle

Kathleen Boyle Music, Accordion

Now a freelance musician, Kathleen is current Scottish and British accordion, piano and piano accompaniment champion in traditional Irish music.

Kayley Donnelly

Kayley Donnelly Music, Violin

Kayley started playing the violin when she was 9 years old at her primary school in Springburn where she lives. It was soon apparent that she had a special musical gift which should be nurtured.

Kirsty MacKinnon

Kirsty MacKinnon Music, Harp

Kirsty comes from a family with a long tradition in Gaelic music. She has been involved in many arts projects in her hometown of Tobermory over the years.

Laura Aldridge

Laura Aldridge Visual Arts, Sculpture

Laura moved to Scotland to pursue a Master of Fine Art at the Glasgow School of Art and has now made Glasgow her base where she believes that, as an artist, her work can flourish in a supportive environment.

Laura McKinlay

Laura McKinlay Music, Violin

From the age of seven, Laura’s driving ambition has been to become a professional musician.

Lee Borwick

Lee Borwick Crafts, Textile Design

Lee graduated with a first-class honours from Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen. She received the John Grays Legacy while an undergraduate and was also nominated by Gray’s for the BP Prize.

Lesley-Ann Smith

Lesley-Ann Smith Music, Double Bass

While still an undergraduate, Lesley-Ann distinguished herself by winning the Eugene Cruft prize for Double Bass in 2004 and 2006.

Linsey McDonald

Linsey McDonald Music, Trumpet

Linsey is considered to have both the technique and artistic potential to become one of the very finest lead trumpeters in the UK.

Lorna Geller

Lorna Geller Music, Violin

Lorna’s musical CV is impressive, she is winner of many prizes and awards, including the 2005 Waddell Memorial Prize for Scottish String Players.

Madeleine Shaw

Madeleine Shaw Music, Opera, Singing

Madeleine is considered to be one of the most gifted mezzo sopranos of her generation.

Malcolm Cruickshank

Malcolm Cruickshank Crafts, Textile Design

Born and brought up in Edinburgh, Malcolm is an innovative designer and maker. He excels at combining the unusual and unconventional to create well designed objects that function.

Michael O'Donnell

Michael O'Donnell Music, Oboe

Michael O’Donnell is, in the opinion of his RCM tutor, one of the finest oboists of his generation who brings a generosity of spirit in all he does.

Murdo Macrae

Murdo Macrae Music, Harp

Murdo, who was brought up in the West Highland village of Nostie in Lochalsh in Ross-shire, has a passion for his native Scottish culture. He has an outstanding vocal talent, in addition to playing the clàrsach, which have won him 26 gold medals at local and national Mods.

Peter Murch

Peter Murch Music, Percussion

Peter comes from a family of strong musicians and is considered to be one of the finest percussionists to come through the RSAMD Youthworks programe.

Richard Foley

Richard Foley Visual Arts, Textile Design

Still only an undergraduate at Duncan of Jordanstone, Richard has a most individual, creative mind and no doubt will become a creative force in the future.

Roberta Burn

Roberta Burn Music, Harp

Roberta comes from a family of dedicated young musicians who between them play harp, piano, euphonium, Northumbrian smallpipes, piano accordion, trumpet and clarinet.

Roisin Hughes

Roisin Hughes Music, Violin

Roisin is an extremely talented multi instrumentalist, who can perform to a very high standard on a variety of instruments.

Rowan Bell

Rowan Bell Music, Violin

Rowan is a natural musician who can communicate with his audience and convey his passion for the music he’s playing.

Ruairidh Stewart

Ruairidh Stewart Music, Percussion

Ruairidh, a former pupil of Aberdeen City Music School, started playing drums when he was 12.

Sarah Hutchison

Sarah Hutchison Crafts, Jewellery, Silversmithing

Sarah ranks as one of the two most remarkable metalworkers of her generation.She is "an ambitious spirit" who consistently produces fresh and exciting work.

Sarah Naylor

Sarah Naylor Music, Violin

Sarah’s ambition is to preserve the style of tune developed in the 17th Century, typified by the Slow Strathspey, and the West Coast style of fiddling and to bring it to an international audience. 

Shona Brown

Shona Brown Music, Flute

Shona is a flautist of huge potential, who also enjoys promoting Scottish composers whenever she has the opportunity.

Stephanie Tinney

Stephanie Tinney Music, Harp

Even at the age of 13, Stephanie was considered to be an outstanding clàrsach player and, according to her teacher, a "perfect example of the revitalisation of our traditional music making within the younger generation".

Steven Nelson

Steven Nelson Music, Percussion

Steven has a flair for technical and musical performance is rarely seen in young percussionists of his generation.

Stuart Peters

Stuart Peters Music, Pipes

As well as being a piper of great potential, Stuart plays acoustic and electric guitar and writes and arranges his own music.

Tom Butler

Tom Butler Music, Conductor

Tom excels equally at composition, performing on the cello and conducting. He has enormous potential to make a huge contribution to the artistic life of Scotland and internationally.