Malcolm Cruickshank

ARTFORMS: Crafts , Textile Design


Malcolm Cruickshank is a graduate of Cumbria Institute of the Arts and his ambition is to develop a successful career in the applied arts.

Born and brought up in Edinburgh, Malcolm is an innovative designer and maker. He excels at combining the unusual and unconventional to create well designed objects that function.

These objects have ranged from ‘wearable art’ to lighting and seating and incorporate embroidery, weave, felt, rubber and ‘found materials'. He is particularly ingenious at seeing the potential in recycled materials.
Since a young boy, Malcolm has been fascinated by the whole process of craft making and impressed craft workers whom he spent time observing with his passion and raw creativity.

One of the solo exhibitions which Malcolm was offered in 2006, titled ‘Haute Kilture’ to present a range of alternative kilts and accessories, was supported by an Award.

How the Award Helped

The Dewar Arts Awards contributed towards the costs of Malcolm’s 2006 Jedburgh exhibition ‘Haute Kilture’.
Before the exhibition opened, Malcolm was offered a six-month appointment by Midlothian as a schools' Artist in Residence. He writes, "I have no doubt that [this award] must have been at least a contributing factor to their final decision."

Since the Award

After the exhibition, Malcolm was approached by a London gallery who wished to mount his exhibition during London Fashion Week in March 2007. In March 2008 he received the Morton Fraser Award from Visual Arts Scotland.

It has been really lovely that ‘unknown’ people in the field of the arts have recognised my worth and been prepared to put their faith in my abilities