Daljinder Singh



Originally from Yorkshire, Daljinder has lived in Scotland for four years where she has been developing her work as a theatre director. She began working as a trainee drama worker with the TAG Theatre Company. Since then she has worked for National Theatre of Scotland, Playwrights Studio Scotland and Ankur Productions and has staged productions at both the Tramway and Glasgow Citizens Theatre.
Her production of Martin Crimp’s ‘Fewer Emergencies’ at the Citizens Theatre was described by a critic as ‘a perfectly paced production that never misses a beat, emerging as a frighteningly vivid journey’. Recently Daljinder was awarded the prestigious, and competitive, Arches Award for Stage Directors, an award for new and exciting directors based in Scotland. The award will enable her to produce her own devised theatre piece ‘The Severed Head of Comrade Bukhari’ at The Arches Theatre, Glasgow.
Daljinder is considered to be a very talented young director with real potential to make a significant contribution to Scottish theatre.

How the Award Helped

The Dewar Award will help to support Daljinder during the early development and rehearsal stages of her Arches project.

Since the Award

Daljinder writes that, "being able to participate in the Arches Award with the help of the Dewar Arts [Award] ...... gave me the freedom and space to develop further artistically and explore what I wanted to say as an artist."

Daljinder has gone on to further success since completing the project supported by a Dewar Arts Award. In 2008 she received the prestigious Jerwood Award for Directors and went on to direct a play at the Young Vic as part of this award. She is now undertaking a period of professional development at the Young Vic.

I would like to thank Dewar Arts Awards for this award, and I am grateful for the opportunity it will afford me to develop my work.