Morag Keil

ARTFORMS: Visual Arts


Edinburgh-born Morag graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 2006. Since then she has been working as a multi-disciplinary artist in Glasgow where she has become part of the Glasgow art scene and exhibited in both Scotland and abroad. Morag’s art practise encompasses performance, sculpture, painting and video, and she co-organised Flat 01, an exhibition / event / performance venue in a Glasgow flat.
In 2006 Morag was awarded the Skinny Magazine Arts Reviewer of the year. She has been successful in winning a number of grants to support her art development and was selected for both Bloomberg New Contemporaries and BraveArt. Her work has been featured in a number of magazines and her solo exhibitions have been very successful. She is represented by the Neue Alte Brücke gallery in Frankfurt.
Morag has been accepted to study for an MA at the Chelsea College of Art. She is regarded someone with a great career ahead as an internationally-recognised artist.

How the Award Helped

The Dewar Arts Award will help Morag in her studies at Chelsea College of Art.

Since the Award

Morag used her year of study to develop a practical application for her theoretical concerns. At her final degree show she exhibited a film entitled 'Where Are You Going?'  Morag writes, "without the Dewar Award, I would not have had the opportunity to spend this time researching and developing my work. It has benefited my research and working practices greatly..' Morag successfully completed a Master of Art at Chelsea.


I am very grateful for this and the award will be a big help for me whilst studying my MA at Chelsea.