Sara Barker

ARTFORMS: Visual Arts


Moving from the Isle of Man to Glasgow to study at the Glasgow School of Art, Sara Barker has lived in Scotland for over 10 years. At art school, Sara won the Emy Sachs Award for Female Artists. Since graduating, Sara has been practising as a visual artist, predominantly as a sculptor, and contributing to the Scottish art scene.

In 2004 Sara founded, and is represented by, the Mary Mary Gallery. In 2006, she was selected by the Collective Gallery in Edinburgh for the New Works Scotland programme. In 2008 she was offered her first solo international exhibition at a major gallery in Bologne.

How the Award Helped

The Dewar Arts Award helped Sara to develop work for this major exhibition.

Since the Award

Sara writes that the award enabled her to "make the body of work that I had hoped, experimenting with new materials and working in a less pressured way." Following the highly productive period that the award allowed Sarah, she has since been offered more exhibitions and won the British School at Rome Residency in 2009. This led to more exhibitions with established artists. As a result, Sara has established a steady studio practice based at the Glasgow Sculpture Studios, which, she says, would not have been possible without the award.

I am excited about the work I will be able to produce towards my exhibition.