Victoria Armstrong

ARTFORMS: Drama , Acting


Originally from Ireland, Victoria Armstrong moved to Glasgow to study drama at RSAMD, where she quickly impressed as an intelligent and compelling acting talent.

Before going on to higher education, Victoria was part of the ‘Rainbow Factory’ drama group in Belfast for five years where she was able to communicate her skills and love of acting to young people. Victoria is considered to be an exciting actor, able to create convincing performances and always willing to explore new possibilities.
Victoria was selected to take part in an exchange programme with Cal Arts, Los Angeles which involved spending 3 months at Cal Arts in early 2008. Victoria describes it as ‘a once in a lifetime opportunity for me, and not one that I am ever likely to get again’. 

How the Award Helped

The Dewar Arts Award provided funding to enable Victoria to spend 3 months at Cal Arts College.

Since the Award

Victoria worked with a number of directors, actors and writers at Cal Arts and benefited from working with American texts in America. She writes that the main benefit of spending time at Cal Arts was that "it gave me the opportunity to experience different theatre training. I was able to ....learn a lot about the theatre community there and how differently American actors are trained."

I am sincerely grateful to the trustees for granting me this award for my exchange to Cal Arts, Los Angeles.