Danielle Heron

ARTFORMS: Drama , Acting


Paisley-born actress Danielle has toured all over Scotland with PACE Youth Theatre Company and performed at Glasgow’s SEC to thousands of primary school children. Former members of PACE include film actor James McAvoy and singer Paolo Nutini.
Dani was a member of PACE Theatre Company for over ten years and impressed as an enthusiastic, talented, diligent and determined young woman. Dani was a key figure in Renfrewshire’s ‘Take a Drink’ project, which aimed to educate secondary school pupils about the dangers of alcohol abuse. She was able to portray a believable and realistic character which won over a largely sceptical audience of young people. 

Dani went on to take part in Strathclyde Police’s ‘Choices for Life’ project in 2008, aimed at young people to encourage them to make the right choices for their future. Once again, her believable and passionate performance hit the right note.
Dani’s aim is to become an actress Scotland can be proud of and has been accepted onto the degree course at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts.

How the Award Helped

The Dewar Arts Award will help towards Dani’s first year costs. After a successful first year, Dani's funding has been continued into a second year.  Following a successful second year, her funding has been continued into a third and final year.

Without your support, my dream of training at LAMDA and ultimately, making the first steps in becoming an actress that Scotland is proud of may not have been possible and for that reason I cannot thank you enough.