Asif Ali

ARTFORMS: Film , Producing


Born in Halifax and brought up in Paisley from the age of ten, Asif was selected to participate in the national Second Light Initiative, a film production-based training scheme for young people from diverse backgrounds, where his talent and creative eye stood out.

As a result of this participation, Asif subsequently worked on the BBC’s How Not to Live Your Life, Shed Media’s innovative online drama Being Victor (subsequently picked up by STV) and was location marshall for the up-coming comedy Captain America. His adaptation of Edwin Morgan’s poem In the Snack Bar will be premiered at the 2011 Glasgow Film Festival.

Asif is conscious of being the first Scottish Asian to be accepted by the prestigious NFTS in London. One of his long-term ambitions is to encourage more British young people from ethnic backgrounds to enter the film industry. He is to date the most successful apprentice on Second Light Initiative and his mentors point to his passion, talent and commitment as the reasons for his success in beating off the considerable competition.

How the Award Helped

The Dewar Arts Award will help Asif to pursue an MA in Film Production at NFTS.
After a successful first year, Asif's support has been continued into the second year.

This is more than I could have expected and more than I anticipated and I am thankful and grateful for all your assistance that I have received towards me achieving my goals.