Erin Smith

ARTFORMS: Music , Violin


From Aberdeen, Erin is studying music at the Royal Academy of Music. In 2006, she won a Daughter of Dewar award to buy a performance standard bow for her violin. At the time, her teacher at the Aberdeen City Music School described her as being in ‘league division one’. After finding the bow of her choice, Erin wrote that "playing with a bow of such high standard made such a difference to my sound and confidence."

Erin began playing the violin at the age of four, playing mainly Scottish fiddle music. By the age of 12 she had won over 200 competitions, including the Scottish championships six times in a row and the National Mod three times in a row. She has appeared on live radio and TV and performed at both parliaments in Westminster and Holyrood. She gave an outstanding performance at First Minister, Alex Salmond’s, Homecoming 2009 event.

Erin has been a member of Scotland’s National Children’s Orchestra, National Youth Orchestra, National Youth String Ensemble and Camerata Scotland. After being invited to play at the prestigious Glenfiddich competition, she decided to concentrate on classical music. She was accepted by all the major UK conservatoires, choosing to study at the Royal Academy of Music.

How the Award Helped

The Dewar Arts Award will contribute towards the considerable costs to study music in London.

This award will enable me to continue my studies at the Royal Academy of Music. I am so grateful that I can now concentrate on the violin with less financial worries.