Kirsty Hendry

ARTFORMS: Printmaking , Visual Arts


From Scone in Perthshire, Kirsty graduated from art college in Aberdeen with a first-class degree in printmaking. As a second-year student she was nominated for The Cross Trust Study Vacation Award which enabled her to attend a papermaking course in Takashima, Japan. In her third year she was selected to take part in the Peacock Visual Arts Internship Programme where she worked with and assisted the master printers. At that time she stood out as more focussed and talented than her peers.

Her final degree was visually brilliant and critically engaging and Kirsty is considered to have the potential to become a leader in the field of print-making in the future. After graduation, she won a coveted place at the RCA to study for a Master of Printmaking. She went to the RCA with the clear objective to push her work in a new a challenging direction. This has been realised as she saw her work going in new, exciting and previously unexplored territories.


Kirsty feels that printmaking is an art form which is becoming increasingly marginalised and her ambition is to return to Scotland and invest her printmaking skills into the Scottish art scene. Changes in her family circumstances threatened to put a halt to Kirsty’s exciting career.

How the Awards Helped

The Dewar Arts Award enabled Kirsty to complete her MA in Printmaking.


I would be delighted to accept your offer of an award. My sincere thanks to trustees for their generous support.