Karen Walker

ARTFORMS: Musical Theatre , Dance


Haling from Glasgow, Karen started her dance training at the age of three and studied jazz and tap, developing a growing passion for stage musicals such as Chicago and Hairspray.  At 16 Karen decided she wanted to make dance her profession and began to take lessons in ballet.  She enrolled at the Anniesland College to study dance, keeping up a number of jobs in the meantime to support herself.  This allowed her to train in a variety of additional disciplines, including contemporary dance, singing and choreography.  She became an active member of the Glasgow dance community, not only by attending workshops and masterclasses to enhance her training, but also by working with and inspiring other dancers.

Through hard work, talent and determination Karen achieved a place on the BA Hons in Theatre Dance at the London Studio Centre, offering her an opportunity to further develop her technique and experience to the level necessary to achieve her ambitions. Karen's financial circumstances proved a hindrance to accepting the place, and so she applied for a Dewar Arts Award with a glowing recommendation from her tutors.

Karen is described as having outstanding focus, natural ability and musicality with a sense of style that conveys emotion and passion. She is driven to achieve her ambition of performing on stage in London's West End.

How the Awards Helped

Karen received a Dewar Arts Award to support her dance training at the London Studio Centre.

Since the Award

March 2014 - Karen competed against the whole of her college to take part in Move It 2014, and was one of only four second year students to successfully gain a place.  See video below.

Karen performing in Move It 2014

Dewar Awards literally changed my life. I will be eternally grateful for this opportunity and I will continue to work hard to ensure that one day my dream of performing in a West End musical is not my ultimate goal but my reality.