Ewan Zuckert

Ewan Zuckert Music, Clarinet

An accomplished clarinetist, Ewan received a Dewar Award to help him complete his masters studies at the Royal College of Music.

Blair McLaughlin

Blair McLaughlin VIsual Arts, Painting

Ayrshire-born painter Blair McLaughlin is a committed artist with a promising future. His Award enabled him to access an online artist mentor programme, providing opportunities to nurture his burgeoning career.

Klaudia Korzeniewska

Klaudia Korzeniewska Music, Opera, Singing

Originally from Poland, Klaudia studied flute at the National Music School before moving to Scotland and discovering a passion for opera at the RCS.

Jamie King

Jamie King Music, Bassoon

Growing up in the southside of Glasgow, Jamie began playing the bassoon at primary school and quickly demonstrated a real aptitude for the instrument.

Lily Caunt

Lily Caunt Music, Flute

Lily is a passionate flute player and teacher. She has been described as a powerful, dignified and sensitive performer who is destined for a truly wonderful career,

Louis Alderson-Bythell

Louis Alderson-Bythell Visual Arts, Crafts, Fashion Design

Louis is designer with great promise, whose passion is for new and adapted fibres and technology within fashion. 

Robbie Hamilton

Robbie Hamilton Visual Arts, Sculpture

An innovative contemporary artist, Robbie's Award enabled him to bring his ambitious proposal to life for the RSA New Contemporaries Exhibition.

Matthew Pang

Matthew Pang Visual Arts, Painting

A dedicated painter, Matthew aims to master his artform whilst also promoting public understanding of and engagement with visual art. 

Rachel Goldie

Rachel Goldie Visual Arts. Crafts. Textile Design

Rachel is a textiles designer whose work pushes the boundaries, incorporating new technologies and exploring the relationship between materiality and identity.

Thomas Henderson

Thomas Henderson Music, Opera, Directing

A young Scottish stage director, Thomas has a flair for communicating and is able to elicit natural and fluent performances from his cast.

Scot Baldie

Scot Baldie Dance, Ballet

After just three and a half years of training at the Dance School of Scotland, Scot became the only member of his year group to successfully audition for the Central School of Ballet.

Anna Orton

Anna Orton Visual Arts, Crafts, Theatre Design

A talented artist and educator, Anna developed her passion for theatrical art through a specialist masters course in theatre design.

Rhys McKenna

Rhys McKenna Visual Arts, Crafts, Fashion Design

Hailing from Stirling, Rhys is an exceptional young fashion designer whose talent and dedication have earned him placements with major names such as Mackintosh, H&M and Rochambeau.

Daniel Griffin

Daniel Griffin Music, Double Bass

From an early age, Daniel had dreamt of being a professional musician. In 2015, the Dewar Arts Awards enabled him to undertake a masters degree at the prestigious Manhattan School of Music, New York.

Luke Angus

Luke Angus Visual Arts, 3D Animation

Luke is a highly creative and imaginative 3D animator. His Dewar Award allowed him to study at postgraduate level - something that would otherwise have been inaccessible to him.

Christopher McEvoy Barton

Christopher McEvoy Barton Crafts, Textiles

Born into a family of millworkers and weavers from Glasgow's East End, Christopher brings a rich heritage of Scottish crafts to his innovative and award-winning practice.

Lewis Normand

Lewis Normand Dance, Ballet

Lewis did not begin his dance studies until the age of 15, but proved himself to be a quick and dedicated learner, and an exceptional talent.

Colleen Leitch

Colleen Leitch Visual Arts, Crafts, Fashion

Through experimentation with materials and textiles, Colleen explores the beauty of light and communicates the effects that light can have on the body.

Paul Grant

Paul Grant Music. Singing

On graduation from the University of Edinburgh, Paul was awarded the Eileen Cameron Music Prize for his contribution to the musical life of the Music Department, the University and the wider Edinburgh community.

Christopher Roberts

Christopher Roberts Music, Trumpet, Vocals

Born in Edinburgh, trumpeter and vocalist Christopher Roberts showed prodigious talent from a very young age.

Tamara Hardy

Tamara Hardy Music, Double Bass

Born and raised in the Highlands, Tam is a double bass player of innovation and originality, who has collaborated with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and Scottish Opera.

Kieran Lambie

Kieran Lambie Music, Clarinet

Kieran is a clarinettist of distinction, with a passion for performing and teaching music.

David Linklater

David Linklater Literature, Writing

On applying for a Masters in Creative Writing at the University of Glasgow, poet David Linklater did not hold a degree. His self-published collections and outstanding portfolio of work earned him an unconditional offer.

Ryan Hunter

Ryan Hunter Drama, Acting, Musical Theatre

From busking on Sauchiehall Street to beating thousands of auditionees to a place at RADA, Ryan Hunter is an intelligent and committed actor with a bright future ahead of him.