Luke Angus

ARTFORMS: 3D Animation , Visual Arts


Born and raised on the West Coast of Scotland, Luke Angus excelled at art during high school. He achieved one of the top grades in Scotland for his Higher Art piece, which was displayed at the Edinburgh Art Gallery's ‘The Talent of Scotland’ exhibition. At the age of 19, Luke moved to Glasgow and enrolled on a degree course in 3D Animation at Glasgow Caledonian University.

A highly imaginative and creative individual, Luke found that working in the mediium of 3D animation came very naturally to him. He felt able to express himself and found it hugely rewarding to combine his artistic, literary and technical skills. As a student he outperformed himself every year, and delivered projects that set new benchmarks for students of the course.

Luke developed an exceptional skillset as a character animator and graduated from his degree course with a First Class Honours. Compelled to continue his studies to masters level, Luke required financial assistance to enable him to pursue his ambitions.

How the Award Helped

Luke received a Dewar Award to support him in his studies on the Masters in Animation at the University of South Wales. This provided him with the backing he needed at a crucial stage in his professional development.

Luke Angus Showreel 2015 from Luke Angus on Vimeo.

Final Year Undergraduate Short Film

Final Third Year Short Film

"The Dewar Arts Award has allowed me the creative freedom to push my talents further and let me explore the depths of my ability. Without this award it would not have been financially viable for me to enrol in a Masters program and push my skillset to a more professional level. For that, I am truly grateful."