David Tinto

David Tinto Visual Arts, Architecture, Film

A recipient of the RSA Medal for Architecture, David's Dewar Award enabled him to hone his craft in the specialist area of production design for film.

Findlay Spence

Findlay Spence Music, Cello

Hailing from the Highlands, Findlay is a gifted cellist, keen composer and ambassador for "the power of music to influence and inspire".

Carol Brown

Carol Brown Visual Arts, Film

Brought up on a farm in the Scottish Borders, Carol is an exemplary film producer with ambitions to work globally.

Petre Dobre

Petre Dobre Performing Arts, Dance, Drama

An inspirational and dedicated individual from Romania, Petre was one of the first ever students to study the ground-breaking degree in performance for deaf actors at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Isabel (Izzy) Stott

Isabel (Izzy) Stott Musical Theatre, Physical Theatre, Comedy

Izzy is an exceptional performer from Stirlingshire, whose Award enabled her to study on a one-of-a-kind physical theatre course in France.

Ethan Skuodas

Ethan Skuodas Music, Timpani, Percussion

Ethan is a timpanist and percussionist with ambitions to perform on a worldwide stage.

Emily Martin

Emily Martin Crafts, Textiles, Screen Printing

A screen printer, hand embroiderer and prize-winning graduate of the Edinburgh College of Art, Emily is passionate about natural processes in creating sustainable, contemporary clothing.