Harvey Littlefield

ARTFORMS: Ballet , Dance


Growing up in Glasgow, with both parents working in the arts, Harvey was never under any illusions about the dedication needed to pursue a career in ballet. He knew it could be brutal and exhausting, requiring total commitment and focus, but also how fantastic and rewarding this profession could potentially be.

At age 10, Harvey joined Scottish Ballet Junior Associates, where he was first inspired to focus on ballet. He then moved to the Dance School of Scotland, where he graduated in 2016 receiving the Outstanding Achievement Award.

In 2015, Harvey was one of around 200 young people throughout the world to apply to The English National Ballet School. He attended the summer school, and was offered a final audition without having to complete the preliminary stage. He successfully gained a place and became one of only two British boys in his year.

Harvey and his family are incredibly proud of his achievements to date, and feel he could not have done this without the support and commitment from his initial teachers in Scotland.  His ambition is to become a principle dancer in a ballet company, performing the well-loved classical ballets as well as new and exciting works.

How the Award Helped

Harvey's Award assisted him in his further training, enabling him to build on the opportunities he received in Glasgow, and take him closer to achieving his dream.

"I am extremely grateful to the trustees and all those who have believed in me. Without this award I may not have been able to continue to explore and develop to become the dancer I dream of being. I shall strive to work hard and embrace every moment."