Isabel (Izzy) Stott

ARTFORMS: Musical Theatre , Physical Theatre , Comedy





Izzy Stott is a gifted, ambitious and skilful theatre performer. Having trained in contemporary and physical theatre, Izzy was inpired to create performance that is challenging both physically and intellectually, as well as being innovative and honest. 

Growing up in a Stirlingshire village, Izzy studied a Diploma in Physical Theatre Practice at Fife College.  She excelled in clown, mask, physical storytelling and devised theatre. From there, she was offered a chance to study on a prestigious, one of a kind physical theatre course at Ecole Philippe Gaulier in France. 

Through her ongoing theatre practice, Izzy hopes to communicate ideas with audiences, start social discussions and make people think about the world that surrounds them. She sees art as a beautiful way to connect people and expose issues, acting as a mirror to society in all its beauty and hardships. She believes that it is essential for human understanding, fuelling her dedication to her artistic practice.

In the future. Izzy hopes to set up a theatre company or arts collective that deals with social issues, with the aim to make people's lives better through performance and art. 

How the Award Helped

Izzy's Award enabled her to study in France under the tutelage of leading physical theatre practitioner Philippe Gaulier.


"Now that I have received funding to study, I really feel like my life will completely change for the better. I cannot thank you enough. This is not just money in the bank - this is a gateway to a whole new world of opportunity."