Matt Wilson

ARTFORMS: Printmaking , Crafts , Visual Arts


Matt Wilson is an innovative printmaker, whose practice investigates digital and analogue print methods through art and design methodologies. 

Matt's work explores the tension between two forces meeting in opposition, and how balance can exist within this tension. In his practice, these forces have manifested themselves as the relationship between the man-made and the natural, as social hostility, and as cultural conflict.

Matt graduated with a degree in Fine Art, from the University of Dundee, where he specialised in printmaking. During his degree, he was selected for the 2014 RSA New Contemporaries Exhibition, and was awarded the Walter Scott Global Investment Award and the Art in Healthcare Purchase Prize.

Matt has exhibited in galleries across the UK, including the Hatton Gallery (Newcastle) and The Fleming Collection (London).

How the Award Helped

Matt's Award supported him in studying the MA Fine Art Print course at the Royal College of Art. 

RCA Degree Show, supported by Dewar Arts Awards:

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"I am delighted and deeply grateful to be given the Dewar Award. It will definitely allow me to expand my practise as an artist even further, at the Royal College of Art."


2014 Walter Scott Global Investment Award
2014 Art in Healthcare Purchase Prize
RSA New Contemporaries 2014: Selected Artist
2013 Frameworks Prize