Robyn Casey

ARTFORMS: Dance , Musical Theatre


Hailing from Alexandria, Robyn began studying jazz, tap and ballet dancing at just two years of age. Her dream became to perform in one of her favourite musical theatre shows in the West End.

At the age of 17, Robyn joined Anniesland College to study an HND in Dance. This opened her eyes to other styles of dance as well as choreography.  She went on to audition for the BA Hons in Theatre Dance at London Studio Centre, and was successful in gaining a place.

In order to fundraise for her studies, Robyn taught regular classes in jazz and contemporary dance whilst in Glasgow.  She then supported herself through her first year by working in a local pub. This proved challenging, as she would finish college, work until 2am and then be up at 6:30am for her first class the next day.  The second year was set to be even more physically demanding, and so Robyn applied to the Dewar Arts Awards for financial assistance.

How the Award Helped

Robyn's Dewar Award enabled her to continue her studies without financial pressure, allowing her to fully apply herself to achieving her ambitions.

"Without the great help from Dewar Arts Awards I would not have the immense pleasure of being able to pursue this course. When I am at the pinnacle of my career I will be proud to be able to say that Dewar Arts Awards helped me get there.”