Zayn Grieve

Zayn Grieve Music, Rap

Driven and self-motivated, Zayn has overcome adversity to achieve a steady evolution in his progression as an artist and musician.

Tom Joyes

Tom Joyes Visual Arts, Design

A graduate of Communication Design at the Glasgow School of Art, Tom's research-driven practice is critically engaged with politics, aesthetics and technology.

Daniel Stroud

Daniel Stroud Music, Violin

An exceptional violinist from South Queensferry, Daniel's Award enabled him to accept a coveted place to study at the Royal Academy of Music.

Christiana Bissett

Christiana Bissett Visual Arts, Performance

Christiana is an award-winning artist whose practice engages in an international dialogue about art and ecology.

Sophie Williams

Sophie Williams Music, Violin

An outstanding violinist, Sophie was invited to perform at the BBC Proms while studying at St Mary's Music School, Edinburgh.

Calum Paterson

Calum Paterson Music, Composition, Sound Design, Theatre

A graduate of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Calum is a sound designer, composer and theatre artist of exceptional talent.

Jack Nurse

Jack Nurse Theatre, Directing

A graduate of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Jack co-founded Glasgow theatre company 'Wonder Fools'.

Ali Watson

Ali Watson Music, Jazz, Bass

Ali is a bass player who combines an affinity for music with rare talent and genuine passion.

Mairi Grewar

Mairi Grewar Music, Piano

An accomplished pianist, Mairi's Award allowed her to pursue her ambition to become a professional vocal accompanist and coach.

Caighlan Smith

Caighlan Smith Literature, Creative Writing, Fantasy

Having written her first book at the age of 13, Caighlan is a prodigious talent in the field of Young Adult fantasy literature.

Emily Norris

Emily Norris Music, Opera, Singing

Emily discovered an affinity with opera at a young age, finding it merged her two greatest passions - music and drama.

Peter Thornton

Peter Thornton Music

Hailing from the Highlands, Peter is a sought-after and versatile musician in classical, jazz, Scottish traditional and early music.

Shyvonne Ahmmad

Shyvonne Ahmmad Drama

Shyvonne is an actor of outstanding ability, whose talent brings exciting opportunities her way.

Rachel Rankin

Rachel Rankin Literature, Creative Writing

Rachel is a writer and poet from Coatbridge who has been described as 'utterly committed' with 'outstanding potential'.

Martin Thomson

Martin Thomson Music, Euphonium

Martin is an accomplished euophonium artist, who is an exciting and creative performer.