Alexis Tie-Gill

ARTFORMS: Piano , Violin , Music


Alexis Tie-Gill is a violinist and pianist. She began playing both instruments at the age of 9, and by 13 had demonstrated an exceptional talent.  She won several competitions at the Edinburgh Music Festival and was selected to play in the Junior National Youth Orchestra of Scotland for two years in a row. In the second year, she was selected as leader of the orchestra. As well as performing in many concerts, Alexis gained a distinction for her Grade 7 piano and a merit for Grade 7 violin. In 2014 Alexis' father passed away, and she became concerned about the costs her family incurred through her participation in music. She applied to the Dewar Arts Awards for support, to enable her to continue to develop her skills as a musician without placing a financial burden on her family. 

How the Award Helped

Alexis received an Award to support her with her orchestral and tuition fees, and to purchase a new violin.

She writes;

“I am very grateful to everyone at Dewar Arts Awards...I have been able to purchase a violin which is the right size for me, which suits my playing and allows me to express myself. From the funding, I will be able to have the opportunity to lead the Junior National Youth Orchestra of Scotland and be taught privately by professional musicians who will help me to achieve my goals and become a successful musician. Dewar Arts has given me many opportunities which I never would have experienced without them."

"The Dewar Arts Award has allowed me to develop my playing and my music without having to constantly worry about the cost. It has allowed me to broaden my horizons and have big goals for the future. I hope to become a professional musician and share my music with others."