Tallulah Molleson

ARTFORMS: Music , Saxophone




Originally from Edinburgh, Tallulah Molleson grew up in a musical family and became involved with music and performance from a young age. She attended St Mary's Music School as a chorister and at age 11 began studying saxophone, which led her to discover an interest in jazz. She went on to play in the National Youth Jazz Orchestra of Scotland, Tommy Smith Youth Jazz Orchestra and Strathclyde Youth Jazz Orchestra where she further developed this focus.

Whilst playing with big bands, Tallulah developed personal projects merging jazz, neo-soul and hip hop. With fellow musicians Max Carsley, Euan Crawford-Mckee and Mark Sandford, she recorded ‘Marzi’ an EP of original music and jazz standards. With this group, she performed at various venues in Edinburgh and at the Kelburn music festival.


In September 2019, Tallulah began studying Jazz Saxophone at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam where she continued to explore her musical ideas, fusing her singing and saxophone playing with inspiration from the many other talented students. Finding the environment stimulating, Tallulah developed her compositional skills, drawing from jazz, hip hop and groove music along her musical journey.

How the Award Helped

Tallulah’s award enabled her to attend the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, where she was able to learn from world-class tutors and receive support to grow as a professional artist and musician.

"I am so grateful for my Dewar Arts Award as the support has enabled me to pursue my dream to study jazz in a world class institution and continue to develop my creative ideas and find constant inspiration from a vibrant music scene."